Reflex points on the hands and feet that correspond to all parts of the body.  By using the fingers and thumbs on these points you can help to relieve stress, improve circulation and put the body back into balance.

Energy that flows from the divine energy source through a practitioners hands to the recipient to help open chakra points in the body. Brings energy to stagnate areas and allows blood to flow to all areas of the body.

The use of therapeutic essential oils in conjunction with Reflexology to oxygenize the body and put the body back into balance.

Emotional Pathway Release Technique
Connecting the dots using sequential techniques to release stuck emotions to allow the body to flow.

ION Detox Bath
Enhances the bodies own natural ability to detox, by removing heavy metals, and other toxic materials.  Some benefits are helps to improve the immune system, reduction in chronic pain, potential weight loss, increased energy. 

Niagara Reflexology Specialities


Julie has  been a Reflexologist since 2001, working all over Niagara County.  She specialize in Hand and Foot Reflexology along with adding Reiki with any treatment. Julie loves what she does and would love the opportunity to share her love with all of you!. Recently Julie has been studying Reflex-oil-ogy and Emotional Pathway Release Technique and has had great results. Come see what it can do for you!!

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Corporate, home, bridal, baby, anniversary, parties at home or at a banquet hall,  have a girls or guys night out, with a wide range of treatments available Reflexology, Reiki,or a Ion Detox Bath.
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